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Welcome to my website LoveDesignWork.com. For last 8 Years, I’ve been designing a website and do a graphic design work across the globe from South East Asia (Yes, I am digital semi-nomad, cause sometimes I stay on some country quite long). In this website, I dedicate my time to share you my journey, knowledge, design idea, marketing strategy, and some of my work showcase that hopefully useful or entertaining you. I apologize if you might found my grammar or English a bit messy as it wasn’t my first language, but I will try my best to write better and better.

I am listening to this song over and over…!! So addicted!

Haevn – Back In The Water

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The Facebook Group that You should join if you wants to grow your online business.

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These days facebook group is one of great place to learn and share info, and yes there is Bunch of it (I mean it, there is really a lot Facebook group out there!) but the one that really good to learn, share or even ask question for online marketing related is quite limited, most of them are closed group so you need to tell your reason why you join and what can you contribute, etc (depend on the admin of the group).